Why is ConTech part of our DNA ?

The charrette.club is the top digital agency in ConTech. But before explaining why, let's define a bit more this subject.

A little history…

ConTech appeared progressively between 2010 and 2015. It includes the construction industry and PropTech (real estate). The innovative projects creators, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs have grown in number during those years, showing a real goal of digitalization of the ecosystem. Many small businesses (called « startups » for intimates) were born this last decade (including 40% between 2017 and 2019). Today, all the big names in this industry have this innovation in the center of their strategy. As a matter of fact, 100% of them collaborate with startups, as mentioned in PWC's offical study.

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The experience Mon Maître Carré x Saint-Gobain

This collaboration can have many aspects: intrapreneurship, collaboration between major groups and accelerators, or startup acquisition by those major ones. This last option is precisely what we know at charrette.club. Some of our founders created Mon Maître Carré in 2014. Like 60% of ConTech entrepreneurs, we had very few experience in the discipline. But that was before creating our company, 5 years ago. In the meantime, we've worked with Vinci, Bouygues, CBRE, Lafarge (among others) and then sold our company to Saint-Gobain in 2016.

Read the article on Le Moniteur

Then, we kept developing our company with the means of a major group, but also and above all with a solid partner at our side. Our two last years were dedicated to helping their companies to digitalize, including Homly You and La Maison Saint Gobain. After 5 years, time for us has come to offer our skills not to one, but to all of the industry's actors. Today, we keep working with them. Our experience allows us to put together the needs and constraints of the startup world with the ones of a major group.

A partner of choice : Impulse Partners

Aiming to complete our services offer, we signed a partnership with the consulting firm and accelerator Impulse Partners.

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Impulse Partners was created by Thomas Le Diouron, graduate of Polytechnique, Ponts et Chaussés, and the Tokyo university. His several experiences in consulting and strategy, and the team around him, bring us a precious help. This alliance allows us to have a coherent offer, which extends from strategy consulting to opertational deployment of digital actions. Alongside their consulting activity, Impulse Partners is also a construction startup accelerator. More than 500 of them joined the program (back then, Mon Maître Carré was part of it). We work with them on a daily basis thanks to our offices based in (among others) STATION F, Paris.

Our services offer for major groups and ConTech startups

Our knowledge and implication in the market allow us to have a coherent offer, using the best tools and web technologies. Webdesign (UX/UI), website and apps development, data infrastructures (still under-used today, despite the quantity and quality of data), webmarketing campains, or digitalization trainings, we have all the tools to make your projects a success and make you more agile.

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