From brief to delivery, we pay a lot of attention to details.

Discover our methodology to make your project a successful one.
Brief & framing
During a meeting (physical or distance), we get to know your project to understand your needs, goals and constraints. We bring expertise to focus on the main objective. And if we feel like we are the right people to help you on this subject, we go further.
Conception & Design (UX/UI)
Before we begin the big stuff, we make wireframes and determine together the user path. It’s Ux time. When everything’s ok on it, let’s start painting = Ui time. We set up a design system for your project. It’s the entire components library (like atoms) which will constitute the whole website or platform.
Development & beta
At this step, all required elements to the development are here. Our tech team can begin the hard stuff by doing back-end architecture and front end integration. Few moments (weeks or months actually) later, the product is over and operational. We will test it in live sets and adjust some late settings. And if you want, we will train your team to the new product.
Growth-hacking & Data Science
Our product is live now. You'll have to attract the first users and learn from them. We can help your team thanks to our expertise in growth hacking (scraping/data-driven decisions etc.) Thanks to real time reporting tools, we will clearly show the performance indicators and help you to take the right decisions.
Browsers, organizational systems and devices are daily improved. To keep optimal experience and performances, it's important to maintain your product. That’s the reason why we often work with our partners for years after the initial collaboration.

We will share a link since the beginnning with the real time progress.

We work with agile methodology (sprints)

Only one person to speak with : easy and focusing

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"We started our collaboration with to create the Artelink platform. Since late 2020, we've been working together to make it grow. Quality and timing engagements were always honored. The handed us an exploitable ready-to-use project. Today, they are helping us with its business development."
Patrick Agnoletto - Artelia
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We practiced this methodology for a dozen of various projects.
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