GenieVision (groupe AGC)

GenieVision is an intrapreneurship project brought by the company AGC. It’s an Augmented Reality tool that allows you to visualize the BIM onto the worksite.

Digital prospection
Email scraping
Data Science

Everything is homemade.

The technology and platform being already implemented, the founders reached us for business development support.

Our Growth experts team created a custom offer to generate Leads and grow the founders’ Linkedin audience. Using innovative scraping techniques and efficient multicanal prospection, we generate several leads a week.

Today, we handle GenieVision acquisition on the English and French markets.

Customers don’t have anything to handle. All the information, KPIs and results are reported in a custom Notion document centralizing all data.

Multicanal scenarios

2 stacks = safety

A complete technical stack was created in parallel of the existing one:

  • New domain name
  • New emails
  • Emails certification / Deliverability enhancement

Using a secondary stack has 2 main advantages: it keeps the main domain reputation safe and can overpass some CIO blockings.

testimonial pic
"GenieVision, an AGC spin-off in commercial growing phase, was looking for a business partner to make customer contact faster. We could count on A custom approach, relevant and impacting, respecting the dialog we wanted to create with our leads... In 6 months, we were able to grow a qualified database that has definitely improved our sales funnel."
Caroline Zigrand - GenieVision