We worked with Setec, an engineering european leader, to prototype 5 projects with a very short deadline: 1 month.

Design thinking workshops
Prototypes created for Setec

Turn ideas into projects.

The main goal was to have a clear vision of the architecture of the projects through key screens. Those screens helped Setec teams to decide which projects they would invest in and keep going with.


Our methodology.

  • UX/UI workshop with the teams to help them apprehend this very problematic
  • Design thinking workshops for each of the projects, so that clear specifications can be established
  • Creation of a design system with Figma for the Setec group (a responsive components library was created from scratch)
  • Around 15 screens per project
UX/UI formation

The results.

Setec teams understood the challenges and interests of user experience and interface. Thanks to those workshops, we refined the business models for each project (mandatory step before digitalizing a service that was not already). We defined features, what was mandatory or optional for a V1, so that an MVP could be released within the timelines and budgets.

Those screens were presented for a "Demo Day" and helped decision makers to establish their development strategy for short and long term.

It was a great experience for our team, a lot was learnt for both sides.

This mission was handled together with Impulse Partners expertise.

testimonial pic
"We enjoyed working with for their enthousiasm and expertise. The UX/UI workshop that Guillaume set up, besides handing us a quality website, helped us through his rich experience in entrepreneurship to identify and define the structure of our digital offer confronting us to user scenarios."
Damien Daubricourt - Setec eocen