EDF Pulse (Yxir Project)


For a project brought by EDF Pulse Croissance team, we supervised, prototyped and developed the new version of a SaaS tool designed for the 4.0 industry.

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The project.

This global project is made of several platforms which allow, among other things, complex monitoring of machines and production for heavy industries.

The tool receives data from connected sensors and classifies signals and errors. These are compiled and reworked by a mathematical model that allows anticipating future breakdowns or production issues.

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How we made it happen.

This Scrum project went on for 6 months and was divided into 2 parts. First, we helped EDF Pulse with the UX/UI redesign of their tool. Some Design Thinking workshops led us to create new features. The main goal of this first step was a clickable live prototype allowing to perform commercial presentations while waiting for development.

Then, our Front End developers team created a components library with ReactJS deployed with Storybook, which is a components documentation allowing to interact with them and their different states. This library aims to gather components to keep consistency within the different platforms.

Finally, we integrated the first platform using the previously created library. Once connected to the back-end, it can display the components with requested logic and data.

A great project that should make a name for itself in the industry sector, we're sure of it.