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Nice question! To learn a little bit more about our methodology, rendez-vous on this page.

We could adapt to any kind of project; but we still have a preference for the ones in the construction sector because of our personal stories and experiences. We are legitimate to the Contech subjects. See our portfolio

Every mission, every project is different. We usually charge at the mission after a quotation we discussed together. Sometimes, we can work on a day to day mission with you, if you wanna get some reinforcement for a few weeks or months.

The has more than 20 collaborators now and we are geographically divided in 4 cities : Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and Bayonne. Therefore, we favor remote work but we are used to meeting our partners all around Europe to keep the conversation easy and total confidence.

The ones of tomorrow. And we are not kidding. Indeed, if you are using a prototyping tool or a web tech in particular, we can adapt to your needs. But it's our duty (and our image) to provide the best version of a product, even if it makes us (and you) get out our comfort zone (RIP Wordpress and Drupals).

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